We welcome your interest to support the work of the Animal-Help-Human Foundation Bernd Hildebrandt. On request we will name the donators on this website.

The charitable foundation is registered at the Finanzamt Nienburg/Weser under tax no. 34/215/00047 and therefore your donation is tax deductible. If you need a donation receipt, please send an e-mail to stating your adress and date of payment.

Your personal contact is:
Bernd Hildebrandt

Account for donations:
Tier-hilft-Mensch Stiftung Bernd Hildebrandt
Account: 1000183499
IBAN: DE 8325060 180 1000 183499
Bank: Bankhaus Hallbaum, An der Börse 7, D-30159 Hannover, Germany


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Local associations donate 700 Euro!

Thank you all for the good cooperation!


1.000 Euro from Custom-Bus, Langenhagen!

We like to thank Craig Kammeyer and his team!


visionate interactive interiors GmbH donates 1.000 Euro!

We like to thank Anke Masuch and Bernd Hagemeister for this generous donation!


Red Cross donates 150 Euro!

Thank You for your support of Finn (12) who enjoys riding Nepomuk once a week.


400 Euro from LPKF staff and children!

Children and parents enjoyed an afternoon at the farmyard in Idensen.

Thank you for your donation of 400 Euro!


Donation from LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

Thank you for your donation of 1.000,-- Euro!


LPKF Laser & Elektronika, Slovenia donates 2.500,-- Euro

We like to thank all employees from LPKF Laser & Elektronika d.o.o., SI-4202 Naklo, Slovenija for this generous donation!!!


Donation from Breitenbach GmbH!

Thank you for your support of 1.000 Euro!



We like to thank Bankhaus Hallbaum, Hannover for their donation of 300 Euro.


Donation from Slovenia

We like to thank Tomas Zepic for his donation of 1.440 Euro!


Second donation from Novatherm GmbH, Garbsen

Thanks again for 500 Euro in 2012!

We received another donation in the amount of 1.000 Euro from Novatherm. Thank's again!

Udo Stegmann, Managing Director of Novatherm donated 500 Euro for the foundation. Thank you!


Foundation received donation from Portland, USA

A donation of 10.000 EUR could be booked lately. The foundation thanks Amy and Bill Boggs for their engagement.




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