Animals Help People Foundation Mission Statement

The foundation is dedicated to the following principles:

  • To advance the idea of animal based therapy where it applies to learning, environmental awareness and well-being of humans especially the physically and mentally challenged of all ages.
  • To keep, care for and train animals for education and therapy.
  • To develop techniques for the care and training of animals that will be used for education and therapy.
  • To promote the awareness of nature and its conservation.
  • To challenge the conventional thinking as it relates to medical and ethical issues regarding death.
  • To offer an alternative approach to stress control and mental stability for instance by practising T’ai Chi.
  • To advance training and education in context of nature ans animals.

Location of the Foundation

The foundation is located in a quiet and peaceful location at the Seminarhouse Idensen. For some years “Animal-Help-Humans” activities have been taking place. Two large recreation rooms as well as ample space for outdoor activities are available. A traditional flower and herb garden, a Japanese garden with natural swimming pool and wide fields and woods shape this location.

Elements of the Foundation

Director of Foundation

Bernd Hildebrandt (born 1947), has been working for 35 years in a leading position of a high tech company. He built the Seminar House Idensen in 1996 where he also offers Tai Chi seminars. Among other things, he also became known with his book “Mit Tai Chi an die Börse”.

Foundation board

Bernd Hildebrandt (born 1947) has been working for 35 years in a leading position of a high tech company.

Dipl. Sociologist Daniel Hildebrandt (born 1974), has his own company working in Internet Marketing.