To respect each other, to develop tasks and aims together, to acquire a feeling of trust and confidentiality and to share abilities are the basics for good teamwork.

  • Bernd Hildebrandt: Initiator and founder of the trust, the soul of the project!
  • Egbert Buchholz: Responsible for the farmyard and animals and a good coachman.
  • Anette Rogers: Organisation and administration
  • Jeannie Seegers: Our outdoor coach.
  • Simone Selle: responsible for our donkeys
  • Petra Wittenberg and Danuta Kolpatzik: house-keeping
  • Andrea Schöning – riding therapist

Our animal team

  • Bella: A “Harzer Fuchs”
  • Three working horses – our big, strong team of patient, confidence builders
  • Schwarzälder horse: Dominic
  • A Haflinger horse – for our youngest riders
  • Two Shetland Pony
  • Five sheep – the specialists for bringing calm from chaos
  • Werner and Napoleon – our very patient donkeys
  • Pot-bellied pig: Murphy
  • Micro pig: Fritzi
  • Chicken, geese, ducks and rabbits – the petting zoo
  • Cat “Lilly” – responsible for cuddles